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Rob Hornstra – Our Ancestral Home

Loosely inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson’s ‘Les Européens’, Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra and writer-filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen have set out to create a contemporary, kaleidoscopic time-piece on the European Heartland. In the decade to 2030, Van Bruggen and Hornstra will document 20 regions in Europe. Each period spent in one of these regions culminates with an exhibition and the launch of a publication of the same name in the place where the work was made. Prices and print runs are low, so get your signed copy of their latest release ‘Our Ancestral Home’ here before they’re gone!

“It takes me quite a bit of time to set up my Mamiya medium-format camera and Horseman large-format camera. And that allows me to shoot more spontaneous pictures. Yes, it sounds contradictory. But snapshots aren’t always so spontaneous by any means. When people have to pose for a long time, they eventually relax. Then you can really take nice pictures of them.” – Rob Hornstra


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