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Rosalind Fox Solomon – The Forgotten (signed)

Rosalind Fox Solomon examines relationships and survival and the deep connections between power, rejection, struggle, sorrow, ritual and faith. Through her powerful black-and-white photographs, Fox Solomon offers a reflection on the evils of war and its far-reaching ramifications. Signed copies of her latest book ‘The Forgotten’ are available right here!

“When I photograph an individual, I want to connect with her or his interior. I’m not looking for outer coating. I want a few moments when we stare into one another, exchanging our histories and feelings in a glance. Something in the way that a person looks at me is part of it, and I capture that. I want intensity. What can I project of myself – and bounce back from the person I am facing – makes the picture. Sometimes it’s just a moment, a moment of connection.” – Rosalind Fox Solomon


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