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Thomas Boivin – Belleville

Another amazing release from Stanley/Barker; since 2010 Thomas Boivin has been making beautiful, contemplative black and white photographs of his Parisian neighbourhood and the people who live there. Boivin’s photographs of Belleville show the city in use – organic, messy, disordered. They intentionally lack the stereotypical markers of Hausmann’s planned vision for the city but are still beautiful, romantic even. Get your copy here!

“If the pictures in this book are about anything other than their shimmering surfaces, they “Although the photographs hardly depict the city, I find they convey the sensation that I had, walking the streets of Belleville: A mixture of beauty and decay, of joyful moments and sadness, the warm feeling of light and the bitter sweet sensation that one can experience walking around all day, searching for a stranger’s eyes..” – Thomas Boivin


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