Albert Watson – Stern Portfolio Nr. 42


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Albert Watson – Stern Portfolio Nr. 42
Publisher: teNeues, 2006
Softcover, 96 pages
Size: 36x27cm
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Famous for his definitive photographs of Mike Tyson, Alfred Hitchcock and Kate Moss, Albert Watson is one of the most successful fashion, advertising, and portrait photographers in the world. His work has graced the covers of over 250 magazines, including Vogue, Rolling Stone and Time magazine. In addition, he is the creator of brilliant TV ads and advertising campaigns for leading brands such as Gap, Levi’s Revlon and Chanel. At 63, this Scottish born photographer is as active as ever, and stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Clint Eastwood gladly pose for his lens. Devoted to his craft, photography consumes Watson. In addition to his commercial and commissioned work, he has created memorable images of his world travels, capturing locales as diverse as Marrakech and the Orkney Islands. Since 1970 he has made his home in the US. Whether a portrait of a dominatrix in Las Vegas or a close-up of Tutankhamen’s sock, in black-and-white, or in color, hardly any other photographer can match Watson’s perfection of craft and audacity of vision. The result: images that compel and fascinate the viewer.


* A comprehensive overview of Watson’s varied body of work


* An ideal gift for aficionados of fine photography

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