Anders Edström – Waiting + Spidernets




Anders Edström – Waiting Some Birds a Bus a Woman and Spidernets Places a Crew
Publisher: Mack Books/Steidl, 2004
Hardcover/slipcase, 128 pages
Size: 21×26.8cm
New in seal


With a highly original approach to photography, Anders Edstràm creates small sequences of sparse images which elaborate a filmic narrative of inconsequential moments, stories of moments in between moments. As Curtis Winter writes in the introduction to this artist’s book, “They appear as the aftermath of some wire brush cleaning of a slate. To which elements were slowly added. Family, some nature, friends, a bit of community, d cor. Images pulled from the gaps between changing nappies, having meals, talking, getting from here to there…” Waiting Some Birds a Bus a Woman and Spidernets Places a Creware two volumes which collect together some of these stories.

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