Bastiaan Woudt – Amsterdam Portraits


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Bastiaan Woudt – Amsterdam Portraits
Publisher: Hannibal, 2019
Hardcover, 192 pages
Size: 33x24cm
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Photographer Bastiaan Woudt and gallery owner Roy Kahmann conceived the idea of portraying Amsterdammers in the spring of 2019. They parked their mobile studio in different parts of the city, in order to get the most diverse inhabitants in front of the lens. The resulting book, Amsterdam Portraits, shows Amsterdammers of very different ages, backgrounds and professions – from well-known actors to anonymous streetwalkers, from schoolchildren to pensioners. It gives a beautiful picture of the diversity that the city exudes. This is what Amsterdam looks like today. Bastiaan Woudt has made a rapid breakthrough in the world of contemporary photography. Although he only started photographing six years ago, without experience or education, under the guidance of Roy Kahmann he has developed a distinct style in a short period of time, with a preference for portraits and nudes and with an unprecedented eye for detail. Even if he only spends a brief moment with his subject, as in the mobile studio of Amsterdam Portraits, he manages to capture the essence in a powerful, iconic image.

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