Carlijn Jacobs – Eyes


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Carlijn Jacobs – Eyes
Publisher: Note Note Editions, 2023
Softcover, 48 pages, English
Size: 25.5x21cm
Edition: 500 copites
New in seal


Note Note Éditions presents Note Note Collection, a singular editorial project positioned between fanzine and book that presents in images the recurring “obsessions” that in- form the work of contemporary photographers.


With each issue, a photographer is invited to use these pages as a forum for exploring a favorite theme or feature a person or thing that is meaningful for him or her, in a way that is funny and absurd or weighty and serious.


For this debut issue, Carlijn Jacobs chose the eye, a highly symbolic subject that embodies human knowledge and di- vine omniscience but which is, above all, a complex and fascinating organ that has been the subject of stories and representations since the dawn of Time.

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