Dudi Hasson – As Far as Close


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Dudi Hasson – As Far as Close
Publisher: Libraryman, 2021
Hardcover, 72 pages, English
Size: 30x24cm
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“Addicted” to photography from a very young age, autodidact photographer Dudi Hasson (b. 1981, Israeli) embarked on his photographic journey at the age of 16. Ever since then, his work has explored the thin line between intimacy and alienation. Inspired by people and places, Hasson is continually curious about the nature of relationships—whether they’re between the camera and its subject, between the subjects themselves, or internally between himself and the camera. Dudi strives to capture rare moments of the “in-between”, i.e. in between love and hate, joy and misery, truth and lies, far and close.


As Far As Close is a selected collection of Hasson’s portraits from different times and places, gathered as a mosaic of unexpected moments best demonstrating his unique aesthetics and point of view.


The book contains a poem, in Hebrew, written by poet Noam Noy (b. 1988, Israeli), alongside an English translation.


First edition of 700 copies.

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