François Halard – Gods First


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François Halard – Gods First
Publisher: Libraryman, 2022, 1st edition
Hardcover, 48 pages, English
Size: 27.5×21.5cm
Edition: 1000 copies
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It’s probably not by chance that for this new body of work, François Halard (b. 1961, French) chose exclusively ancient and almost entirely archeological subjects – statues, busts, and sculptural fragments. These were photographed with a Polaroid camera then re-framed, blown up, re-worked, and finally smeared in wax – and in some cases covered in words and names drawn with a brush. The photographer has fostered a passion for the Polaroid process; over the years it seems to have become his favorite medium, allowing him to experiment intimately and alchemically.


→ Excerpt from the foreword written by opera director Vincent Huguet (b. 1976, French). Translated from French to English by Jeanne-Salomé Rochat.

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