Ian Howorth – Arcadia (signed!)


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Ian Howorth – Arcadia
Publisher: Setanta, 2023
Hardcover, 128 pages, English
Size: 19.8×29.3cm
Signed copy!
New in seal


Arcadia has been referred to in popular culture as a utopian vision for centuries. A fictional place which is fertile and bountiful. Held aloft by artists, poets and playwrights as a depiction of one’s individual paradise. Now eroded by times relentless indifference to change, it remains lodged in our collective psyche as a touchstone.


In his series by the same name Ian Howorth looks to use this existing cultural framework to explore his personal connections to his own utopian ideal of ‘home’. Having relocated many times as a child before finally settling in Britain, his relationship with this concept has been fraught. Often considering himself an outsider.


The images in this series capture a retro nostalgia and constantly question our preconceived ideas of beauty. Arcadia takes us from the serene if not metronomic seaside towns of the South to the Working Mens Clubs and forgotten factories of the North. Through his unique style and mastery of film, Ian highlights a contemporary Britain suffocated by its past whilst allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

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