Ilja Keizer – Vicky


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Ilja Keizer – Vicky
Publisher: Ilja Keizer, 2021
Hardcover, 96 pages, English
Includes a signed print and various inserts.
Size: 24.5x18cm


‘Vicky’ is a personal and raw collection of portraits and mobile phone snapshots shot in the summer of 2020 by Dutch photographer Ilja Keizer.


While the photographer is mostly known for his portrait work, this book has a much more personal, documentary style approach. With shooting just starting spontaneously after meeting Vicky on an awfully hot day, in a small rural town in the East of the Netherlands.


The images were made during an intense journey that led them around Europe in a little over 3 months, with the trip ending in a tiny Polish village where Vicky lives. The result is a highly personal document, including a signed print and various inserts.


“Vicky told me she’s a survivor.
I said she’s a warrior.” – Ilja Keizer