Kadir van Lohuizen – Diamond Matters


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Kadir van Lohuizen – Diamond Matters
Publisher: Umbrage Editions, 2007
Hardcover, 184 pages, English
Size: 14.2×13.4cm
New in seal


Mirroring the progress of the diamond from the mines of Africa to the world of fashion, Diamond Matters records the lifespan of the world’s most precious stone. Starting with the mineworkers—many just children—celebrated photographer Kadir van Lohuizen tracks the sparkling ice on its socially upward journey. With interviews from those digging it from hillsides with bare hands to participants in conflicts in Zaire, Sierra Leone, and Angola; to dealers and to wearers, it is a beautiful yet deeply disturbing and thought-provoking book.


The book charts the rising awareness of the blood diamond issue, as pressure and the threat to its image grew in the diamond industry to create a certification system guaranteeing that only conflict-free diamonds came on the market.


Bound in luxurious suede, with a small diamond on the front cover, and elegantly printed in tritone on five different papers, Diamond Matters is an explosive idea in a small package.

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