Nobuyoshi Araki – Kyonen


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Nobuyoshi Araki – Kyonen
Publisher: Eyesencia, 2002
Hardcover, 290 pages, Japanese
Size: 21.9×14.7cm


Published by Aat Room and Eyesencia in 2002, Araki’s _Kyonen (last year) _is an intimate and affectionately charming collection of Araki’s daily records. Within the hardcover publication are a series of snapshots, photo sessions, social gatherings at bars, and a visual record of Araki’s female lovers. The images are both playful and unrestrainedly candid; portraits of his models and his sexual interactions lay alongside gatherings with the likes of Bjork, creating a highly personal and unconstrained depiction of Araki, a bound example of his entirely subjective take on image making, humourously coined as “i-photography”

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