Steve Schapiro – Bliss


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Steve Schapiro – Bliss
Publisher: powerHouse, 2015
Hardcover, 256 pages, English
Size: 22.86×29.21cm
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In Bliss: An Exploration of the Current Hippie Counterculture & Transformational Festivals, Steve Schapiro, famous for his photographs of the 60s–including Haight-Ashbury and the hippies of that era–documents the hippies of today and their lives in and out of transformational festivals. With a specific focus on a subculture of the current hippie counterculture known as “Bliss Ninnies,” these individuals are focused on meditation and dancing as a way to reach ecstatic states of joy. The book features images from festivals across the country and provides an overview of a new contemporary hippie life within America. The 60s are still here. You just have to find where.

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