Tyler Chan – Montclair Snap Memories (signed!)


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Tyler Chan – Montclair Snap Memories
Publisher: Tyler Chan, 2024
Hardcover, 136 pages, English
Size: 19×13.7cm
Limited edition of 150 signed and numbered copies
New in seal


‘Montclair Snap Memories is my portrayal of life within the suburban town of Montclair, New Jersey. In this visual journey, I explore the lives of our teenagers and the racial diversity, but also division in the town. From the streets to the local hangout places, I present the essence of Montclair, highlighting both its beauty and challenges.


I documented the influence of social media on young lives, and its wider implications for society. Also the changing dynamics of human interaction in our digital age.


My intention is to address the tough issues with sensitivity, including the anxiety related to the complex racial dynamics in our supposedly tolerant community.


Montclair Snap Memories is my sincere exploration of contemporary suburban life in the United States. It offers insights into the struggles of growing up in our interconnected world, and the times we had in school. Through personal stories, I show the experiences of those youth around us.’ – Tyler Chan

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