Jacob Ehrbahn – Headbangers


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Jacob Ehrbahn – Headbangers
Publisher: powerHouse Books, 2015
Hardcover, 128 pages, English
Size: 23.4×31.2cm
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Headbangers is a collection of Danish photographerJacob Ehrbahn’s intimate portraits of the beautyand chaos of heavy metal rockers in the throes ofmusical ecstasy taken at European metal festivalssuch as Denmark’s Copenhell, Germany’s WackenOpen Air, and Sweden’s Metaltown. Heavy metalfans go totally berserk when listening to their music.Some shake their heads violently from side to sideand back and forth, while others go all in and flailtheir entire bodies in time to the blast beats. In thiscollection Ehrbahn’s camera stops time and capturesthe surprising and life-affirming moments whenthe headbangers abandon all semblance of vanityand surrender to the rhythm. Ehrbahn transportsus to an intimate world disconnected from time andspace-a universe where it’s possible to transcendthe frenzy and enter an altered state that bringscalm, joy, and relief.

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