Joe Lai – Pinku


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Joe Lai – Pinku
Publisher: Art Paper Editions, 2022
Hardcover, 64 pages, English
Size: 26.5×20.5cm
New in seal
Edition: 750 stuks


For his new publication, Joe Lai creates scenes where light and dark, in combination with different characters, determine the atmosphere. Scenes where emotions are revealed, hidden, questioned, betrayed, exposed.
Nostalgia is what guided Joe Lai to make this newest publication, called ‘Pinku’. Nostalgia is a sentimental and positive feeling for the past, and comes from the Greek compound for ‘homecoming’ and ‘pain’ or ‘ache’. Nostalgia is a yearning for personalities and possibilities, and this yearning helped Lai to develop his esthetics that guided him to create ‘Pinku’.
As Lai states it: “I feel a strong connection with the nostalgia that ties me to the esthetics of the past, and Pinku is the flesh of that feeling.”

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