Nan Goldin – Nan Goldin


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Nan Goldin – Nan Goldin
Publisher: Actes Sud, 2020
Softcover, 93 pages, French
Size: 24x17cm
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An affordable introduction to the work of Nan Goldin, based on works from the legendary Collection Lambert


The third volume of the Lambert Collection Icons series is dedicated to Nan Goldin (born 1953), very much an icon of her generation, whose work is prominent in Yvon Lambert’s Collection, which contains more than 100 works of the photographer’s deeply, personal candid portraiture.


The photographer and collector were personal friends, enjoying a passionate relationship marked by periods of estrangement and intense reunions.


More than 80 of the artist’s portraits are included here–snapshots of people meeting, laughing, embracing, entwining, loving, suffering, crying, dying and living as intensely as possible.

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