Stella Berkofsky – Jugaad


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Stella Berkofsky – Jugaad
Publisher: Libraryman, 2021
Hardcover, 72 pages, English
Size: 22.2x27cm
First edition of 500 copies.
New in seal


Jugaad in Hindi is used to describe a bringing together of ad hoc elements to create something functional or useful; although sometimes the word is considered to imply “settling” Stella Berkofsky’s (b. 1991, British) uncompromising interpretation of the word leans more toward humor and innovation; finding the beauty in the unseen.


Photographed over five years in various corners of the world, Berkofsky’s Jugaad is a carrier bag of field notes collected while in exploration of heartlands. At play between body and landscape, literal and composed, the images are at once cartography and tapestry. Found objects form signs, figures wearing seams or shadows become maps; the details often overlooked show us the way home.

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