Txema Salvans – The Waiting Game II


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Txema Salvans – The Waiting Game II
Publisher: Editorial RM, 2018
Hardcover, 88 pagina’s, English
Size: 33.5x25cm
New in seal


Txema Salvans’s previous series was also about life in the gaps and at the edges. It showed lone women, probably prostitutes, sitting or standing in very similar landscapes to the ones you see here.


In this book the figures are by water. In the previous book, they are by roads. All are waiting and, in a sense, all are fishing. (It is no coincidence that a slang term for a prostitute is a ‘hooker’).
Photography may be a matter of cold optics and geometry, but it is also invites connection and empathy. Finding the balance is not easy. It is tempting to use the camera merely to objectify and beautify. It is also tempting to use it in a way that pretends to reveal the inner lives of those who are photographed. Salvans resists both. He places himself, and us, on the cusp of beauty and ugliness, knowledge and ignorance, waiting for something else.


Text from David Campany, Gabi Martínez

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